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If you are you looking to hire a personal trainer near me for strength training in Salem, OR then look no further than the Salem Personal Training and Speed Academy.

We are going to become your go-to and give you the best strength training and personal training experience Salem has to offer. We believe in focusing on the two aspects of personal training that matter most: giving you excellent results, and making sure you enjoy your time so you actually look forward to your personal training sessions instead of dreading them.

Some say no pain, no gain, but we know better than that. You don’t have to hurt mentally or physically in order to gain. In fact, the best personal trainer in Salem is one who can meet you where you are at, make sure you do not hurt, and still make sure you get the amazing results you are after. After all, why hire a personal trainer and spend your hard earned money if you are not going to get the amazing, great results your heart desires?

The truth is that the best personal trainer near me in Salem knows how to push the needle forward and ensure you are moving closer to your fitness goals without making you regret working out. The best personal trainer in Salem also has connections to help you achieve further success, such as nutrition and massage. Now, this is not to say that a little muscle burn during a workout is a bad thing. On the contrary, feeling the right kind of discomfort during a personal training session with a personal trainer is often times (but not always) a very good sign. But you must learn how to differentiate between a good burn and a bad burn.

Personal training and muscle discomfort

You probably already can do this, you just may not know it. A good kind of discomfort is a muscle burn, like feeling muscles working, during an exercise. A bad kind of discomfort is feeling pain in your joints, like your knees, hips, or shoulders, while exercising, and continuing to feel that pain after you are done with your personal training session.

Strength training in Salem, OR is a great option, and strength training in general is very healthy and great for you. But if you are not careful, or perhaps if you work with an inexperienced personal trainer near me, then you may wind up feeling pain and discomfort in your joints after a workout. Nobody wants to feel crippled or in pain after working out, especially if you are paying a professional personal trainer near me for what you think is supposed to be high quality personal training.

This point is so important I have to stress it again: working out with a personal trainer in Salem, OR should NOT cause you pain in your joints, and you should NOT feel the bad kind of hurt after a workout. If you, you may want to seek a new personal trainer for strength training. 

To be sure, strength training is an amazing form of exercise and has many benefits, including fat loss, weight loss, feeling great, looking great, and improving energy levels. And just like anything else, you have to do it the right way, or else bad things may happen. That is why I recommend hiring a seasoned, professional personal trainer in Salem, OR.

Personal Trainer Near Me | Strength Training for Adults

How can you be sure that who are hiring is right for you?

Well, certification and experience are two great indicators. But perhaps the most important indicator is client testimonials. 

Has the personal trainer you are considering hiring worked with people like you before? If so, do they have testimonials to prove it?

Listening to other people talk about their experience is a great way to gauge if the personal trainer is the right fit to help you with strength training. 

The other option I recommend is talking in depth with the personal trainer near me about his or her philosophy, and how their approach with you specifically will work. Can they detail their plan, their thoughts, and explain why they have chosen every detail of their program? If they cannot, perhaps they are not the best choice of personal trainer for you. 

I have refined my approach to training clients to a very simple process. Now, please don’t confuse simple with easy. In humbleness, I have been doing this for so long and have trained so many people that helping people get stronger, lose weight, lose fat, change the way they look and feel about their bodies, and improve energy levels just comes second nature to me. I can change a workout on the fly for any reason, such as if you are not feeling well, or if you fell and hurt your shoulder and cannot exercise on it, et cetera. Sometimes you have to go off script to give the client the best personal training experience possible, and I have become quite good at doing so.

My approach to personal training

Allow me to explain my approach. Most adults I talk with want to accomplish two big goals: they want to feel good about themselves, and they want to be able to do more in their life / get more out of life. They do not come out and say this, though. Instead, they say things like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to be stronger” or “I want to have more energy.” But when I ask one simple question—why?–the truth always comes out. 

“Because I want to have more confidence.”

“I don’t want to look in the mirror and feel ashamed anymore.”

“I want to be able to swim with my kids this summer without feeling self-conscious about my bathing suit.”

“I’m going on vacation and I am afraid I won’t be able to do all the amazing activities we have planned, and I don’t want to hold anyone else back.”

To accomplish these goals, I help people do two major things in personal training: I help their bodies get stronger, and I help their minds get stronger. One is usually easier than the other.

To help people build stronger bodies, we do strength training. And to help people build stronger minds…we do strength training. 

Are you ready to get started?

As a personal trainer in Salem, OR, I have really enjoyed learning how to help people find their confidence as they get stronger. 

If you’re ready to take the next step forward, schedule your first appointment with a great personal trainer in Salem, OR today for just $1!