The Explosive Athlete Maker: 8 Weeks of Speed


Become a faster, healthier, more dominant athlete in 8 weeks with this training program.


This is an independent 8-week speed program designed to make athletes faster, more explosive, and less likely to get hurt. Note that this is not in-person training., this is an 8-week program that you may take yourself through. Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF that details each workout. The program includes three days per week of speed training for 8 weeks, totaling 24 workouts.

Is this an in-person training program?

No, this is a program you can purchase and put yourself through. The document explains every workout so you know exactly what you need to do to get faster.

What does the program consist of?

The program consists of speed-based sprint workouts. You will be sprinting, but this is not conditioning and you aren’t running miles. You’ll be doing a program a sprints, designed to make you faster and more explosive, from your first-step speed to your maximum speed.

Who is this program for?

This program is for any athlete who runs. Athletes who play soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball, softball, or who compete in track and field all benefit from being faster. This program will help accomplish that.

How does the program work?

It is a three day per week training program. The only guideline is that workouts shouldn’t be done two days in a row. Possible schedules include Monday / Wednesday / Friday, Monday / Thursday / Saturday, or Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday. As long as you take one rest day between sprint workouts, that’s what counts.

Do I have to be in shape to complete the program?

No. This is not a conditioning program. To get faster, we take plenty of rest between reps and sets, so you are fresh legged for each sprint. With that being said, athletes can expect to get into better shape by completing the program.

What if I’m weight lifting? Can I still use this program?

Yes—absolutely—but sprint BEFORE you lift in order to maximize speed gains and minimize any risk of getting hurt.

What will this program accomplish?

Athletes who complete this program will improve their maximum speed as well as their first step / explosive speed. Additionally, they will become less likely to get in hurt, and will improve their endurance.

Can I repeat the program, or only use it once?

Yes—you can absolutely repeat this program. After you complete it, simply start from the beginning and do it again.