Personal Training for Athletes and Adults

Athletes want to be faster, more explosive, stay healthy, and make more plays. Adults want to look and feel their best to live the life they want and make great memories. We make it happen with excellent personal training.

personal training for athletes and adults
personal training for adults

Personal Training for Adults

You want to look and feel great so you can live the life you want without hesitation or restriction.

We can help.

Speed Training for Athletes

Did anybody every teach you how to run? Me neither, and that’s why I do it for athletes today.

Improved sprint technique results in faster sprints and safer, healthier athletes. Poor technique results in slower, injury prone athletes.

Learn how to sprint correctly to maximize your athletic potential and minimize risk of landing in the doctors office.

personal training can make athletes faster
personal training can make athletes stronger

Personal Training for Athletes

Athletes need to be strong to protect themselves from injury and maximize athletic potential. We focus on making athletes faster and stronger through training.

Speed Camps

Athletes become faster and less likely to get hurt after attending our speed camps. We teach the fundamentals of sprint technique to maximize speed and athlete health.

What Others Are Saying

Jack Hatchett

Professional Ultimate Frisbee Player

Fastest I’ve Ever Felt

“Training with Kyle is awesome! Kyle is extremely knowledgable and is able to break down complicated concepts and mechanics into easily understood pieces for the athlete. In my time training top speed with Kyle, I’ve felt the fastest I ever have both in training and on the field.

However, what really sets Kyle apart is the genuine interest he takes in the athletes he trains. Kyle has really taken the time to get to know me, and even came out to watch one of my games. He is really invested in the success of his athletes and I highly recommend training with him.”

Tim Sekerak

Chief Clerk, Oregon State Legislature

More Results in Two Months than the Previous Two Years

I have seen more results from following Kyle’s guidance in two months than in two years of trying on my own. You supply the consistency he provides the accountability. You have to do what he’s says, you have to have the drive, but he knows the route.”

Stacy Splonski

Faster, Stronger, More Confident

“My daughter has been working with Kyle for almost a year and has seen amazing results. She began this training to work on her technique and after making adjustments to her running style, Kyle began incorporating weightlifting as well. She has become a faster, stronger, and more confident athlete. I highly recommend Kyle’s training for any athlete to gain speed but also to stay strong and healthy while competing in their sport(s).”

Julia Sherwood

Professional Ultimate Frisbee Player
Excellent Ability to Teach Speed

“Worked with Kyle for a group speed work session. He has an excellent ability to teach speed work through a progression of sprint mechanics drills in a way that meets the level of the athlete and translates concepts into action. Kyle is very professional and is clearly invested in helping you become a faster athlete! Excited to work with him again.”

Paige Hall

Head Coach, Willamette Softball
Have Seen Major Improvements

“Kyle Davey puts a lot of time and effort into his programs! Willamette softball has loved working with him and we have seen major improvements in our strength and conditioning. Would highly recommend Kyle!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t think of myself as an athlete. Can personal training with the Salem Personal Training and Speed Academy still help me?

Yes! We have trained hundreds of adults just like you and me (yes, I’m an adult who wants to look and feel my best, too!). The Salem Personal Training and Speed Academy specializes in helping adults look and feel their best AND in helping athletes reach their true potential through speed training and strength and conditioning.

How can personal training benefit adults?

With over a decade of personal training experience, we’ve worked with adults from 18 to 92 years old, with goals ranging from packing on muscle, to losing weight, from fall prevention, to rehabilitation. We’ve seen it all, and whether you want to change your body or maintain your health and fitness, we can help.

How is personal training different for athletes?

Well, as the Salem Personal Training and Speed Academy, we believe that speed is a major differentiator for most athletes. We focus not only on making athletes strong in the weight room, but on improving their sprint speeds as well. The main difference in personal training for adults vs. athletes is that athletes sprint, whereas most adults do not.

Do athletes lift weights / strength train?

Yes! While we believe speed is the main goal for most athletes, strength supports speed and is built in the weight room. Plus, athletes become less likely to get hurt if they lift weights. We believe in getting strong and fast. We lift and sprint!

Is there a minimum age for personal training?

The youngest athletes I train are eight years old. For kids in the 8-12 age range, the main goals of training are to challenge balance, coordination, body control and making it fun so they enjoy it and build a positive association with exercise and personal training and instill healthy lifelong habits.

How often do you hold speed camps?

Typically once every three months or so. If you’d like to begin getting better sooner than that, please contact us regarding personal training.

I’ve heard all the experts say to focus on one niche or you can’t be successful. But you know what? To heck with it. I love and am skilled in training athletes AND adults, so I’m going to do both.

If you want to look and feel your best, but are not sure where to start or if it is even possible for you and your body to be fit and healthy, then you’ve come to the right place. My unique personal training practice specializes in helping people just like you find confidence, success, and most of all, the results you want and need.

For the athletes reading: with dozens of places in Salem to partake in personal training, not one centers on making you faster. At the end of the day, the fastest players—not the ones who bench the most—are the playmakers.

Whether you’re an athlete wanting maximize your play-making abilities, or an adult seeking improved health and fitness, I’d love to work with you. Click the button below and reach out.