speed camp is a great time for athletes

Speed Camp: Faster in Two Hours

Speed camp makes athletes faster and better protected against injury. Plus, athletes have a blast!

Make more plays.

Protect yourself from injury.

Meet new friends.

Speed camp delivers.

Maximize your potential.

Were you ever taught how to run?

Just like everything else in sports and training, technique matters.

We teach athletes proven sprint technique that makes them faster immediately, but also improves their long-term speed potential.

Athletes will walk away from camp faster than they were before, and if they stick with what we teach them, their future speed gains will be greater than if they didn’t attend camp.

speed camp helps maximize athletic potential
speed camp helps athletes avoid injury

Avoid the doctor’s office.

Great sprint technique is a win-win: it makes you faster and less likely to get hurt.

Running with correct form helps eliminate hamstring pulls, shin splints, those aches and pains that slowly but surely creeps up on you, and other running-related injuries.

Make new friends at speed camp.

When like-minded people with common goals come together to work on something they care about, they tend to hit off.

Athletes attending camp will meet athletes just like them, and will walk away with new friendships.

Make new friends
Sprint faster, play better

Want to play your best, stay healthy, and have a great time with other athletes? Register for speed camp!

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