Emily Stefan, Sprinter at Boise State University

“I owe a great deal of my success in my sport to Kyle Davey. Whether that be the facilities, experience, training, advice, etc. Working with him has definitely helped shape me into the athlete I am today and I would highly recommend training with him at Salem Speed Academy!”

Aubrey Williams, D1 Soccer Player at Alcorn State

“Trained with Kyle Davey awhile back when I was preparing to play college soccer. Helped me improve my speed and form more than I know I could’ve. He was very encouraging and is a big part of my progress as an athlete.”

Logan Person, former football player at University of San Diego

“Kyle is not only a great person but a great trainer. From just a few short months my top speed improved to 22.2 mph, my acceleration as well as my vertical also so major improvements. I look forward to going to training because I feel cared for as a human as well as an athlete. I highly recommend training with Kyle.”

Fatima Jimenez, Soccer Player at Corban University

“I recently did some training with Kyle to strengthen my hamstrings so I could run without pain in that area. Working with him to achieve this was a great way for me to fix my running form to be able to get faster! I wouldn’t have picked anywhere else to go to get the help I needed. Kyle and the staff there are very tentative with their patients! They really care and you can tell with the work they put in to help you get better.”

Lydia Stuart, Track Athlete at the University of Arkansas

“The Speed Academy equipment gave me professional data about my performance that I shared with college recruiters. Kyle Davey gave me pointers on my sprinting technique that I still use as a D1 athlete.”

Abbey Knoll, Track Athlete at the USC

“Kyle is a great speed coach and a good guy to be around. Would highly recommend to any athlete looking to get faster or more explosive!”

Tyler White, Track Athlete at the Western Oregon

“I’m a DII Jumper and Sprinter and you will progress and learn a ton from here! If you want to reach a new potential and level in your training, this is the place.”

Morgan Doll, Volleyball Player at Fairfield University

“Spent last summer training with Kyle. Had a great time and learned a lot. Improved my game so much. Highly recommend!”

Sarah Rice, Soccer Player at the University of Arizona’

“Great personalized training! If you want to get faster, or just become a better athlete, this is the place to go!”

Brooks Ferguson, Quarterback at Portland State

“Super efficient way to develop speed and overall athletic ability. Trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful and do everything in their power to make sure you get better. Another piece I really enjoy is their recovery technology, made me such a better athlete and helped me take that next step to the college level!”

Hamilton Hunt, owner of All In Meals

“Salem Speed Academy offers amazing training to anyone who is looking to improve their speed and athleticism. Kyle is one of the best in the area and has a genuine care for every athlete. Couldn’t recommend Salem Speed Academy enough!!”

Tim Sekarak, Chief Clerk, Oregon Legislature

“I have seen more results from following Kyle’s guidance in two months than in two years of trying on my own. You supply the consistency he provides the accountability. You have to do what he’s says, you have to have the drive, but he knows the route.”

Steven Stephens, parent of an athlete

“I can’t recommend Kyle enough. He has been working with my son for the past 6 months or so, and his running ability, form, and speed have improved exponentially! Kyle is so patient and takes his time to coach the kids in a way that they can relate and put what he is teaching to use immediately.”

Hadassah Nava, High School Soccer

“I’ve been doing speed, weightlifting, and conditioning with Kyle for a while now. Training with him has improved my speed, strength and confidence. Although the workouts are tough i love seeing the progress Kyle has helped me make.”

Andra Orth, parent of an athlete

“I can’t say enough good about Kyle and the work he does with speed training and agility! Both my daughter and my son have had the privilege of working with Kyle around their sports they play in! We noticed an amazing improvement in our kids speed after working with Kyle along with the form they learned allowing them to protect their bodies from injuries they had been fighting with! Kyle makes training so fun, they both enjoyed the hard work they put in and seeing the results and improvements from the sessions!
If you are looking for the next level, give Kyle a call you won’t regret it.”

Chad Harvey, parent of an athlete

“Kyle is terrific. He has worked with two of our daughters, focusing primarily on technique. Not only have the girls become faster and more explosive athletes, we have also noticed fewer aches, pains and injuries to their lower body. In addition to having a great understanding in his field, he works exceptionally well with kids of all ages and abilities. We cannot recommend Kyle and the Salem Speed Academy enough.”

Shaton Daniels, football player

“Being a football player and track athlete , Kyle has helped me reach that next level. Different variations of sprint workouts, jumping workouts, some lifting and just all the little adjustments to tweak my game. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”

Erich Herber, track coach and parent of an athlete

“We heard great things about Kyle and his ability to help athletes improve their speed. We were not disappointed, our son improved his body position during acceleration and top speed mechanics. We will be sending our son to Kyle in the off-season this off-season to continue his improvement.”

Elesa Doll, parent of an athlete

“Kyle helped my daughter while she was home during her college Summer break. She plays at a D1 volleyball program. She was very happy with the results that Kyle provided to her and the training that he helped her with! He did a great job and it was totally worth the rewards that she attained as a result of her training with him. We both highly recommend him!”

Stacy Splonski, parent of an athlete

“My daughter has been working with Kyle for almost a year and has seen amazing results. She began this training to work on her technique and after making adjustments to her running style, Kyle began incorporating weightlifting as well. She has become a faster, stronger, and more confident athlete. I highly recommend Kyle’s training for any athlete to gain speed but also to stay strong and healthy while competing in their sport(s).”

Andrew Copeland, parent of an athlete

“I have been around athletics my entire life and have coached my kids since they were in preschool so I have seen a lot of different trainers. I now have a freshman playing football in college who had the opportunity to work with Kyle. Kyle’s training techniques work and he has the right personality to get the most out of his athletes. Highly recommend anyone wanting to get faster to work with him. My kids will be back working with him in the off-season.”

Silvia Nava, parent of an athlete

“My daughter has been training with Kyle for a little over 2 years. As a soccer player, her speed, strength and confidence has improved significantly!”

Julia Sherwood, professional ultimate frisbee athlete

“Worked with Kyle for a group speed work session. He has an excellent ability to teach speed work through a progression of sprint mechanics drills in a way that meets the level of the athlete and translates concepts into action. Kyle is very professional and is clearly invested in helping you become a faster athlete! Excited to work with him again.”

Adam Person, parent of an athlete

“My son started working with Kyle senior year after a few college offers.The goal was to elevate his ability and get ready for D1 athletics to make an immediate impact .He did just that, great measurable improvement in speed and power, my son showed up to fall camp very ready. Kyle also does a great job of over all movement and fitness for health and recovery during his trainings. Any offseason my son will continue to train with him as we have seen fantastic growth and have gotten great communication from Kyle. Highly recommend him.”

Brandi Brogoitti, parent of an athlete

“Kyle not only has the background and education to provide solid training and advice, but he has the perfect temperament to work with youth – he makes it a fun environment and they not only learn a lot, but they learn WHY as well. In 2yrs of working with Kyle my son saw continued growth, and has yet (knock on wood) had no injuries that could have been prevented thanks to what he has learned and trained his body to do.”

Shane Depoe, adult fitness

“Kyle Davey is an amazing trainer, he’s been training me for a few years now and the amount of constant improvement I’ve gotten from his programs is phenomenal. Not only in strength and size but health as well. Over my time working with him I’ve had several injuries and he’s helped me come back better than ever each time. Highly recommend him!”

Tanya Karvandi, parent of an athlete

“Kyle did a great job working with my son. Not only was he a great guy to train with, he helped him perfect his form an speed for his sport.”

Martin Maldonado, director at CFC

“First class customer service, my son has improved his personal time the more he attends. My son loves to work with Kyle he says he feels faster and stronger when he plays soccer.”

Amy Holestine

“Kyle is amazing!!! My son loves working with him. If you want your child to become faster , go see Kyle!”

Cody Pastorino, retired professional football player, currently coaching

“Kyle filled in for us when we were in need of a Strength and Conditioning Coach. He programmed for our entire organization, from our 13 year olds all the way through our adult team. Thanks to the help of Kyle our under 16 team won the league championship, under 19 team went to the semi finals for the entire country of Germany and our adult team had a final record of 14-1 winning the CEFL Bowl (ranking us the #1 team in Europe) and making it to the German Championship Game. Kyle was always available for questions for all the players and was great in adjusting to the different schedules and demands of each team. We were very happy with the work he did for us. Highly recommend anyone wanting to improve as an athlete and get bigger, stronger, faster to work with Kyle!”