Explosive Athlete Workout Program: Build One in 5 Steps

Most athletes looking for an explosive athlete workout program want to be faster, more explosive, and more dominant in sport. After all, what athlete wouldn’t benefit from being more explosive? Unfortunately, most athlete don’t use an explosive athlete workout program. Instead, they train like bodybuilders or powerlifters. Being big and jacked is great, but the […]

Explosive Speed Training: How to Train for Explosive Speed

Every athlete should include explosive speed training in their program. Who wouldn’t want to have explosive speed? The thing is, not many athletes know what they need to do to improve explosive speed. This article gives three clear points on how to maximize explosive speed training. 1. Explosive speed training happens in the weight room […]

Personal Training Yourself: The Three Tenets of Fitness Success

Personal training yourself is tempting to do. In fact, 99.987% of people who exercise are their very own personal trainers. Have you ever tried personal training yourself? Ok, I made that statistic up. But think about. If you do not have a personal trainer, then you are personal training yourself. And if you are going […]

Strength Training Salem: How to Use Strength Training in Salem for a Longer, Happier Life

Strength training in Salem isn’t just for pro weight lifters anymore. People are increasingly recognizing the benefits of a toned, muscular physique, and embracing strength training. If you’re new to the practice, you may be nervous about getting started. Entering the gym alongside people who are bench pressing their own weight is daunting enough. Plus […]

Personal Trainer Near Me | Salem, OR

Did you search for personal trainer near me? If you are you looking to hire a personal trainer near me for strength training in Salem, OR then look no further than the Salem Personal Training and Speed Academy. We are going to become your go-to and give you the best strength training and personal training […]