Explosive Athlete Workout Program: Build One in 5 Steps

Most athletes looking for an explosive athlete workout program want to be faster, more explosive, and more dominant in sport. After all, what athlete wouldn’t benefit from being more explosive? Unfortunately, most athlete don’t use an explosive athlete workout program. Instead, they train like bodybuilders or powerlifters. Being big and jacked is great, but the […]

Sprint Mechanics: The Big Rocks

When I began my journey to learn how to coach speed and sprint mechanics one of my first stops was Altis. Since then, I’ve learned from many sources, including Derek Hansen, Carl Valle, and others. Here’s the bottom line, and what the world’s best speed coaches believe: technique matters. A lot. Does technique have to […]

Remote Personal Training in Salem, OR

If you’ve been looking for remote personal training in Salem, OR, then look no further than the Salem Personal Training and Speed Academy. We offer remote personal training and hybrid personal training services for adults seeking to look and feel their best by improving their health and fitness. We also offer remote personal training and […]

Strength Training Salem: How to Use Strength Training in Salem for a Longer, Happier Life

Strength training in Salem isn’t just for pro weight lifters anymore. People are increasingly recognizing the benefits of a toned, muscular physique, and embracing strength training. If you’re new to the practice, you may be nervous about getting started. Entering the gym alongside people who are bench pressing their own weight is daunting enough. Plus […]