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Personal Trainer in Salem, OR | Conquer Your Fitness Goal

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Salem, OR to help you with weight loss?

Perhaps you are just like one of the hundreds of adults we have worked with, who want to look and feel their best so you can take life by the horns and do whatever you want without having to think twice.

Are you plagued by feelings of doubt, concern, and low self-confidence in your ability to partake in life fully because of physical limitations? Indeed, our personal trainer in Salem, OR has trained hundreds, if not thousands adults who felt the exact same way. The great news? Those who follow the plan with just a little diligence all see amazing results.

But don’t take it from me. Instead, read the many, many reviews left by real personal training clients that Kyle Davey has worked with.

Here’s one from Kyle’s client and friend, Tim Sekerak (which you can readily read on Google if you wish):

“I have seen more results from following Kyle’s guidance in two months than in two years of trying on my own. You supply the consistency he provides the accountability. You have to do what he’s says, you have to have the drive, but he knows the route.”

I love that Tim has highlighted the most critical element in anybody’s personal fitness journey, especially those who choose to hire a personal trainer in Salem, OR. Tim talks about the most important aspect of making progress and moving forward towards goals. The most important part is…YOU.

YOU have to show up consistently and be ready to do the work. Is the work hard? Sometimes, but not always. Does every workout need to be painstakingly brutal, leaving you a sweaty mess, vomiting, and on the brink of destruction? Absolutely not. In fact, we want the opposite. The sweet spot with fitness and working out, whether it’s with a personal trainer in Salem, OR or just working out on your own, is for you to feel worked, but not completely crushed.

Your personal trainer in Salem, OR should not leave your body devastated.

Personal training in Salem, OR should leave you tired but revitalized.

You see, fitness can be complicated in some cases, but for most people, fitness and becoming healthier is actually quite a simple process. You must follow the simple principle of progressive overload, which states that over time, you must do more work in your workouts. More work can mean more sets, more reps, more weight, or a combination of all three. But if you always do the same workout over and over and over, you’ll soon stagnate and stop seeing results.

That would be like a third grader reading a third grade reading level book in the third grade. And then reading another third grade reading level book in the fourth grade. And another in fifth grade. They’ve been going to school, but the challenge hasn’t progressed, and therefore they haven’t progressed either.

This is where hiring a qualified personal trainer in Salem, OR and beginning personal training in Salem, OR is critical. Just take Tim’s words above. He said he’s made more progress in his first two months working with our programs than he ever made in two years of doing things on his own.

Why hire a professional personal trainer?

You know, I chose to hire a financial advisor to invest my money with. Why? Why should I pay him when I can invest money myself? I can do it, right? The answer is yes—I certainly could invest money myself. But I don’t know a lick about investing. That’s why I hired him. The results I’ll get from him far outweigh his price.

If you’re looking to enhance your fitness, whether you want strength training, resistance training, strength and conditioning, speed training for athletes, injury prevention for athletes, or more, I urge you to seek out a qualified, seasoned, and distinguished personal trainer in Salem, OR.

Consider the following video, which shows one example of neck training for athletes. Neck training is concussion prevention training.

If you embark in personal training in Salem, OR, you don’t want to hire some kid who just graduated from high school or college and likes working out so he or she thinks they are qualified to be a personal trainer. There is an art and a science to this, and if you’re going to invest your time, money, and heart in hiring a personal trainer in Salem, OR, you want to make sure you’re going to get a good bang for your buck.

And, it’s good to note that you get what you pay for. Is your personal trainer in Salem, OR charging you $10 per workout, or maybe just $100 per month? Well, if so, you may be getting the lowest quality product and the lowest quality results along the way.

Hiring a qualified professional

This is why I firmly and whole-heartedly believe that hiring a qualified personal trainer in Salem, OR should be a decision you do not take lightly. Beginning personal training in Salem, OR is an excellent choice that should positively impact your life, but if you hire the wrong personal trainer and start doing incorrect personal training procedures, then you may actually get worse, get hurt, or at the very least, waste your money.

Beware trainers whose only goal is to make you sweat, or, even worse, whose only goal is to make you sore. Those trainers likely know very little about how the body actually works and may not have any education in personal training at all. They may not have a degree or even a certification, or they may have a weak certification that they took a weekend course for. Personal training is basically just a hobby for them.

Do you really want to trust your future to a personal trainer in Salem, OR who knows very little about personal training? Someone who only does personal training as a side hobby, perhaps to make some extra money?

The owner of the Salem Personal Training and Speed Academy, Kyle Davey, has over a decade of experience personal training in Salem, OR and has expertise in training athletes, their parents, and their grandparents.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Salem, OR, or are simply looking for recommendations regarding personal training in Salem, OR I highly encourage you to contact us today to begin your personal training journey for just $1!