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Have you ever been interested in personal training in Salem?

Personal training in Salem has never been better. Or maybe you’ve thought to yourself I’d like a personal trainer near me like many others in Salem and across the world have thought?

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Salem, OR then you’ve found the right place. The Salem Personal Training and Speed Academy offers personal training with an elite, distinguished, and seasoned personal trainer.

How do we know Kyle is elite and distinguished? I’ll start by saying that despite having over a decade of experience as a personal trainer and in the personal training field, we don’t believe that longevity equals greatness.

In other words, just because you’ve been doing a job for a long time doesn’t mean you’re good at it. It just means you’ve been doing it for a long time. Don’t we all know someone, perhaps a high school teacher, or even maybe a doctor or someone else, who has been doing their job for so long that they just seem bored? Or like, they’ve been doing the job for so long, yet they’ve been doing the exact same thing for the last 20 years?

In our day and age, with technology and knowledge advancing so rapidly, careers and professions change so rapidly that you want a personal trainer who loves personal training so much that they keep up with the times and the latest research and methods of delivering great results. If your personal trainer in Salem, OR has been doing the same workouts since the 80s or 90s, or even the 2000s (hard to believe that was 20+ years ago!) then maybe something is wrong there.

Personal training in Salem has never been better

Our staff of elite personal trainers offer the best personal training in Salem, OR. Headed by a seasoned personal trainer, Kyle Davey, who has over a decade of experience in this field. Additionally, Kyle is a domestic and international speaker on health, fitness, and sport performance. He loves personal training so much that he has been sought out by international groups to speak about personal training for athletes. Kyle has written several articles for some top website like and has even published peer reviewed research as the lead author.

Has your personal trainer engaged in any kind of activities to advance the field of personal training? Certainly not all great personal trainers have, but how many personal trainers in Salem, OR have presented internationally or published peer reviewed research?
Again, these are not prerequisites for being a great personal trainer, but they do certainly speak to merit, qualification, and notoriety.

Years of personal training experience with proven results

Kyle has been a personal trainer for athletes for several years, and has been a personal trainer for over a decade in total. As the lead personal trainer at the Salem Speed Academy, Kyle helps great people reach their dreams and fitness goals. Athletes need fitness just like us adults need great fitness. Offering fitness in Salem, OR and a gym in Salem, OR is a great blessing to the wonderful people who live here. We believe in offering an excellent experience backed up by outstanding fitness results. This is true for personal training for athletes, strength and conditioning in Salem, OR, and personal training in Salem, OR in general.

We’ve trained hundreds of clients all with great results. To hear some of the testimonials, just go to our Google page by Googling Salem Speed Academy and read the reviews there from real life people and athletes like you who wanted a personal trainer in Salem, OR and who hired a personal trainer through the Salem Speed Academy.

Athletes and adults: we can train you.

If you are an athlete looking for speed training, look no further. The Salem Speed Academy specializes in training for athletes in Salem, OR. We help athletes sprint faster (speed training) as well as get stronger (strength and conditioning) in order to provide enhanced game play as well as injury prevention. We know that speed training and strength and conditioning both help out with injury prevention, which is why we focus on both weight lifting for athletes as well as speed training for athletes in our personal training for athletes packages and programs.

How do we help athletes get faster? Well, at the Salem Speed Academy our personal training for athletes programs focus on sprint technique and sprint mechanics as well as sprint and speed workouts. Athletes learn how to run, and they run. That’s how we make them faster. Just like teaching somebody how to lift weights: first we teach them how, then they do it.

Now, how do we help athletes with the speed workouts and speed training? What exactly goes into the speed training? Well, in general we program acceleration and maximum velocity on separate days. That way the athletes get the best of both: improved explosive speed and better top speed via speed training.

Speed training for athletes

Strength and conditioning for athletes must be paired with the sprint workouts accordingly, otherwise the speed training might not work. We don’t want your speed training not to work. On the contrary, if you’re going to invest the time and money into personal training, we want you to have outstanding results so you do your best in your sport and tell others how great your time in personal training with the Salem Speed Academy was.

In addition to athletes, we also offer personal training in Salem, OR to adults who want to look and feel their best so they live their lives to the fullest and make great memories. We love helping adults find out how strong they truly are so they have more confidence and ability to make great memories in their lives and impact others in amazing ways they never thought possible.

How do we do that? Well, improved health and fitness, which comes through personal training, is a motivator, a giver, and a confidence booster. Lifting heavy weights teaches you how to do hard things so you have confidence in real life to do hard things. Plus, your relationship with your personal trainer in Salem, OR goes a long way, as you want to have a strong relationship with your personal trainer so you achieve elite personal training results.

You may also find yourself inspiring other people of all ages to reinvest in their own health and fitness, and what an amazing blessing that would be to your community and family.

If you need a personal trainer, you should look no further than the Salem Speed Academy. Contact us now to book your first appointment.