Sports Nutrition Webinar

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What good is a race car if it has no gas? Or if the tank is only a quarter full, and it runs out of fuel half way through the race?

When athletes are under fueled (or fueled with garbage instead of high quality sports nutrition), they play worse, practice worse, and train worse. EVERYTHING gets worse.

Not to mention the most important part of all. HEALTH.

Without proper sports nutrition athletes are unhealthy, game performance drops significantly, and they are more likely to get hurt.

This 45 minute webinar, delivered by the amazing Ali Virtue of Parkside Nutrition, teaches athletes everything they need to know aboutĀ what to put on your plate to feel and play your best.

After watching the webinar, athletes will know:

  • How to bring their true 100% potential to training sessions, practice, and games by knowing how to maximally fuel themselves
  • How to maximize recovery to get the most out of training by knowing which foods and food groups best support recovery
  • When and what to eat to avoid feeling sluggish and like there is a pit in your stomach
  • Why sports nutrition makes athletes more healthy, and how that improves injury risk, overall health, and athletic performance
  • High level tips and tricks to maximize sports nutrition and eat like a pro

As an added bonus, we’re even including a sample meal plan for athletes as well as a specialĀ build your own meal plan cheat sheet at no extra cost!

Purchase today to receive:

  • Sports nutrition 101 webinar recording
  • Sports nutrition 101 webinar slides
  • Sample meal plan for athletes (free)
  • Build your own meal plan cheat sheet (free)