Remote personal training

Remote Personal Training in Salem, OR

If you’ve been looking for remote personal training in Salem, OR, then look no further than the Salem Personal Training and Speed Academy.

We offer remote personal training and hybrid personal training services for adults seeking to look and feel their best by improving their health and fitness. We also offer remote personal training and hybrid personal training for athletes seeking speed training in Salem, OR and the surrounding areas.

What is hybrid personal training, you ask? Well, allow me to tell you.

Hybrid personal training is a model of personal training in which you meet from time to time with a personal trainer. You complete most of your workouts on your own, with the guidance of an expert plan. The clients who have the most success meet with a personal trainer once per week. But others have had success meeting once every other week, or even once per month.

This type of personal training is most appropriate for people who know how to workout, and want an expert plan and guidance to ensure they are moving in the right direction and making the most of their time in the gym. People who are brand new to exercise or who do not know how to exercise are not great candidates for this program. That’s because, well, how can you or I expect them to successfully workout if they do not know how to workout!

So, what is the big deal with remote personal training, anyway?

Well, to start, it is the most affordable personal training option. In Salem, OR not many great options for remote personal training or hybrid personal training exist. Sure, you can download some app and follow some cookie cutter workouts that were designed by someone who does not you, your life, or your goals. Anyone can do that. Just Google “workout plans” and I am sure tens of thousands of webpages will pop up. Or go to ChatGPT and ask it to make you a workout plan, and poof, one will appear.

But if you want a personalized program that best suits you, your needs, your goals, and your body, you need to have face to face time with a personal trainer. Not only will your workout plan be superior, but you will be more likely to follow through and execute the personal training plan, because you have face to face accountability. After all, if I am your personal trainer in Salem, OR, I am going to ask you when I see you if you have done your workouts! That is something Google and ChatGPT can never offer: face to face, in person accountability.

So how does remote personal training and hybrid personal training work?

Well, first we meet face to face and get to know each other. I ask you questions, you ask me questions. You interview me, and I interview you to see if you will be a good candidate for the services I offer.

If you are a good candidate for what I do, and if you find me like-able enough to hire as your personal trainer, we move forward with our relationship. The next step is scheduling our first session, which is just one dollar.

During that session, I teach you all the exercises I have programmed for you, and I make sure you understand the program. I want you to have the knowledge of why and how I program, and to make sure you know how the program is intended to work. If you do not understand this critical aspects of the personal training program, you are unlikely to be successful. Thus, education is an important part of your personal training journey.

Then I teach you how to use the app, FYTT. FYTT is an excellent app that allows you and me both to track your progress long term. It makes it super easy for you to see your daily workouts. I can even upload videos for each exercise (which I have done). So if you happen to forget what an exercise is, you can click the button and ten seconds later you are watching a video of it.

In the app, I program how many sets and reps, and you record how much weight you have done. If you continue to add weight week after week, then you are surely getting stronger. If you never add weight and always do the exact same workouts, you will soon stall and hit what is commonly called a “plateau.”

Only two things truly cause a plateau: poor programming, and poor recovery.

Poor programming is an exercise or personal training program that is not set up to allow you to have long term success. Basically, your workouts suck. If your workouts suck, then your program sucks, and you will not make any progress.

The other part I mentioned is poor recovery. Recovery basically refers to how well you take care of your body. If you do not take care of your body, including nutrition and sometimes even massage, then you may hit a plateau.

This is where remote personal training and hybrid personal training can truly shine. People who have hit a plateau and are tired of not making progress may realize they need expert help. There is no shame in recognizing you would like some help. In fact, there is great strength in recognizing one’s shortcomings, and great humility in asking for help. That is why I have a financial guy who I trust my investing and retirement to. I am not a financial expert and am definitely not an expert in investing. So I hire someone who is, because I trust that with him, my money will do better than it would with me. I trust that if I hire an expert, then I will have a better outcome. (If you are looking for a financial expert, I highly recommend reaching out to Jared Virtue).

Now what?

So, if you have been on the fence about hiring a personal trainer or starting a personal training program, I encourage you to reach out to us. We will talk with you, advise you, and if you’d like to try us out, your first session is just $1.

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